Hi there!

I'm Ceyda, a fresh Palm Beach transplant originally from the Princes' Islands of Istanbul, Turkey.

To me, growing up in a dynamic, cosmopolitan city with a rich history was a magical experience. That and a passion for traveling gave me the opportunity to meet so many astonishing people, especially women. These inside-out gorgeous ladies with distinct styles and impactful stories made me realize one very important thing about our kind: we all shine our brightest when we share our inner goddess with the world, and when we're not talking we find delight in letting unique, statement pieces of jewelry, clothing or accesoires do the work for us.

Inspired by the glow that comes from within, all J'da collections are 100% handmade in Turkey and neighboring regions by skillful craftswomen. I hope you find one that speaks to your inner goddess and represents her, even when words fall short.

All for love, love for all,

Ceyda Avunduk